Kazakhstan and the USA discussed the development of cooperation in the field of environmental protection

21.04.2022 18:09

How are the President's instructions on environmental issues being implemented

18.03.2022 10:58

The Law on Responsible Treatment of Animals comes into force on March 2, 2022

21.02.2022 11:38

The functions of the operator of extended obligations of manufacturers (importers) have been transferred to a state company

21.01.2022 15:32

National report on the state of the environment and on the use of natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020

21.12.2021 15:34

Askar Mamin participates in COP26 global summit on climate change

22.11.2021 14:39

Eco-boxes, master classes, contests: How the culture of separate garbage collection is cultivated in the capital

22.10.2021 11:07

More than 11 thousand tons of garbage were collected as part of the World campaign "World CleanUp Day" 2021

21.09.2021 12:40

Environmentalists summed up the results of the first half of the year

24.08.2021 10:34

Council for Transition to Green Economy considers issues of unauthorized dumps

29.07.2021 17:07

Current issues of water resources management

21.07.2021 11:43

2 billion trees will be planted within 5 years

13.07.2021 10:09

A meeting of the Council for the Transition to a "green economy" under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin

28.06.2021 15:54

Regional climate change hub to be created in Kazakhstan

21.06.2021 15:14

Kazakhstan will implement a pilot project for the introduction of separate collection and processing of organic waste

14.06.2021 11:44

Action «Birge Taza Kazakhstan», dedicated to the World Environment Day

03.06.2021 11:26

Altai Kulginov told about the development of the "green belt" of the capital

25.05.2021 11:03

A large-scale action "Saigak" has started

08.12.2020 18:20

19.10.2020 17:31

14.08.2020 19:18

21.07.2020 10:13

Will there be fandoms in Kazakhstan ...

31.01.2020 12:28

Мы за Зеленую Планету!

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