On approval of the Roadmap for further investment attraction in the Republic of Kazakhstan

12.08.2019 11:36

Diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been transformed into the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in several States

22.07.2019 11:48

Approved the rules of technical operation, maintenance and repair of artificial structure

16.07.2019 15:02

Approved the rules of maintenance of electronic passports of vehicles (passports of the chassis of vehicles) and electronic passports of self-propelled cars and other types of equipment

16.07.2019 14:55

Approved a Comprehensive plan for the development and development of the city of Shymkent until 2023

16.07.2019 14:48

Approved Sanitary rules "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements to ensure radiation safety"

12.07.2019 17:08

The list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors subject to control in the Republic of Kazakhstan was approved

12.07.2019 16:49

Approved rules for the provision of housing certificates

02.07.2019 14:38

Persons from whom work and services will be acquired as part of the construction of the city of Turkestan

10.06.2019 11:28

The List of textbooks, teaching materials, manuals and other additional literature, including electronic media, has been approved

29.05.2019 14:54

The Standard of rendering special social services in the field of social protection of the population in the conditions of a hospital is approved

29.05.2019 14:53

Approved List of regulated services

17.05.2019 15:17

The system of regional standards for human settlements has been approved

17.05.2019 15:01

Amendments to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 31, 2015 № 1193 "On the system of remuneration of civil servants, employees of organizations held at the expense of the state budget, employees of the state-owned enterprises"

08.05.2019 14:46

The constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan gave an official interpretation to paragraph 2 of article 41 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan

02.05.2019 10:11

An Agreement has been signed between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Bulgaria on the transfer of convicted persons

29.04.2019 13:27

Approved classification of branches of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

19.04.2019 15:12

Approved the standard of the state service "Issue of archival certificates and/or copies of archival documents within the archives of the Committee on legal statistics and special records of the Prosecutor General's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its territorial offices"

19.04.2019 14:53

Sanitary rules «Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the production, sale and storage of perfumery and cosmetic products» were approved

12.04.2019 12:50

Approved the rules of issuance of service certificate of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its description

09.04.2019 14:40

Amendments to the order of the Minister of labor and social protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 31, 2017 № 290 "On determining the poverty line»

05.04.2019 10:04

The Rules of accreditation in the field of health care have been approved

03.04.2019 09:43

The law regulating public relations in the field of the defense industry, the state defense order, as well as certain issues of arms and military equipment turnover was adopted

02.04.2019 10:54

Approved lists of goods, works, services on LRK «On public procurement»

11.03.2019 12:17

The minimum retail prices for strong alcoholic beverages for 2019

27.02.2019 17:24

The rates of the consular fee, charged in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the basic minimum and maximum rates of the consular fee, charged outside the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are approved

27.02.2019 17:17

Amendments have been made to the Standards of state services in the field of land relations, geodesy and cartography

25.02.2019 16:16

Approved the list of public services provided in electronic form on the basis of one application

25.02.2019 16:03

Changes In the Rules of primary health care

20.02.2019 12:56

Attention parents: approved requirements for video surveillance systems of preschool and secondary education

06.02.2019 18:08

Familiarize the Road Map on holding the Year of Youth

04.02.2019 14:59

The standard of the state service "issuance of a license for tourist operator activity (tour operator activity)" was amended

01.02.2019 11:01

The State service "Providing reference to citizens, the only housing of which is recognized as an emergency”

29.01.2019 09:08

The lists of goods, works, services for which public procurement is carried out by the single organizers of public procurement in 2019 are defined

11.01.2019 09:24

Renamed Zyryanovsky District and City of Zyryanovsk

10.01.2019 17:54

The microdistricts of Almaty renamed

10.01.2019 12:54

About moving the rest day in 2019

09.01.2019 15:44

National standardization authority identified

09.01.2019 15:31

Language of renting films in Kazakhstan

09.01.2019 15:25

Insurance brokers until may 1, 2019 it is necessary to bring the authorized capital in line with the requirements provided for the minimum amount of authorized and own capital

25.12.2018 14:32

Please see the fees for state-guaranteed legal assistance provided by a lawyer and reimbursement of expenses related to legal advice, protection and representation, as well as conciliation procedures

20.12.2018 13:08

Lending mechanism for priority projects

20.12.2018 13:06

Attention users!

19.12.2018 17:22

State service "The issuance of consent for transactions with the property of a natural monopoly subject, if the book value of the property, in respect of which the transaction is made, considered in the balance sheet at the beginning of the current year exceeds 0.05 percent of the balance sheet value of its assets in accordance with the balance sheet at the beginning of the current year "

12.12.2018 12:41

Mazhilis approved amendments to the legislation on health issues

29.11.2018 10:02

Agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters signed between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Macedonia

20.11.2018 16:12

Approved the Rules of trade activities of pawnshops

16.11.2018 16:27

2019 is the Year of Youth

16.11.2018 16:23

Now in the exchange offices will carry out operations for the purchase and (or) the sale of gold bullion

14.11.2018 11:27

New qualification requirements for the categories of positions of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

14.11.2018 11:24

Starting December 1 of the current year, a new model of a vehicle registration certificate will be issued in stages.

08.11.2018 10:16

From January 1, 2019, Typical Chart of Accounts will be valid in the new edition

06.11.2018 16:17

What requirements have been added to the notary public?

06.11.2018 15:42

What kind of certificates in the field of health care can Kazakhstanis get for free?

06.11.2018 11:30

October 29 for the accelerated development of the city of Turkestan, created a special economic zone "TURKISTAN"

02.11.2018 17:43

Four government agencies in Kazakhstan were given the right to block the Internet and communications in emergency situations of a social, natural or man-made nature

31.10.2018 16:31

Check out the prices for state registration of rights to real estate

24.10.2018 16:59

MIA RK recommends to pre-register mobile phones

22.10.2018 17:58

Approved rates for placing outdoor advertising in Almaty

18.10.2018 11:24

Astana Hub will help in the development of innovative projects

11.10.2018 09:32

Kazakhstan has approved tariffs for medical services

09.10.2018 14:40

If you decide to start building a house, then you need to draw up a project for its construction.

02.10.2018 15:07

If you have a new business - idea and you want to implement it? Then try to get a state grant in the amount of 100 MCI ...

26.09.2018 09:11

In Mazhilis presented amendments on transport issues

20.09.2018 15:37

On the Kazakh coat of arms changed the inscription

13.09.2018 15:19

Improving the rulemaking process in the Republic of Kazakhstan

13.09.2018 15:14

How to improve the work of the judiciary at the legislative level discussed by international experts

13.09.2018 15:08

To ban smoking on the streets are going to Kazakhstan

13.09.2018 01:24